cybele rain

your secret's secret


We all long to infuse our lives with a certain joie de vivre, to escape the day-to-day.

We yearn to flee to a place where our desires can take flight and our passions are realized. 

I can create that with you.

We also all have a secret; let me be yours. An independent Pittsburgh GFE provider, in me you’ll find conversations that animate you, curves that delight you, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Time with me is like coming home. just a secret one.

With Cybele, I felt desired, compelled, and loved. She surfaced each passion by her stunning presence alone, and I enjoyed a human experience that was uncommon in depth and warmth. I relish and treasure each time together.

My portfolio

She's incredibly beautiful, but her warmth and honest sexual interest are what makes her unique. I am extremely grateful to Cybele Rain for our encounters - she is a dream.


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